Things I’ve been loving…

1. Watermelon. The seedless kind. So freaking refreshing I can pretty much eat my weight in watermelon in a day. But definitely the seedless kind. I bought one yesterday that had seeds and I basically had a mini meltdown…Not sure why but the seeds just really freak me out. Big time.

2. Goat cheese. OMG. I bought a blackberry goat cheese from Trader Joe’s and it’s to.die.for. Also there’s a peach flavor at Costco which is really good too. I could eat it everyday.

3. Candy crush. More like love it or hate it but either way I can’t stop playing it. Too addictive. And if you’re not playing it, don’t start. Trust me.

4. We are going to State College, PA next week to visit my husband’s family 🙂 So even though I’ll be gone and won’t be cooking I’m making a bunch of things this week and I’ll have scheduled posts for next week! From here on I think I’ll try to have regular posts Monday-Friday so expect a lot more new material on a regular basis.

5. Speaking of PA, we are staying at Reynold’s Mansion Bed and Breakfast which is a historic mansion from 1880s. It looks beautiful in the pictures and I can hardly wait! Oh and they serve a 3 course gourmet breakfast every morning so needless to say I’ll probably gain 5lbs during our 5day stay…

6. What would you like to see on this blog? I have been improving my photography to give you some better pictures and so far I think there’s been a big improvement. But what else would you like to see? More healthy recipes? Gluten-free? Vegan? Desserts? Anything else? Cast your vote in a comment 🙂

5. If you are not following me on Facebook what are you waiting for? 🙂 Press here:


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